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take off

Take Off – First Time Flyers 

Our premium Breath is Life 4 week beginners course provides you with the best tools for the
perfect take off – a toolkit to calm your mind that will enable you to take control of your life with a series of meditative, breathing and creative exercises based on the Mind Flight Method. 


Maintaining Altitude

Maintaining Altitude 

If your life were a film, would you want to watch that film? 


Our First Class 12 week frequent flyers course takes you on a more
profound journey
of understanding your own mind and your emotions.

If you are searching for the answers to the following questions, this is the course for you. 

Who am I ? 

What is my Purpose ? 
When will I know ? 


This course is for those who would like to go deeper into how they work,
learn how our mind and emotions control our well-being and how to use
them effectively to create a healthy, happy life.

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