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Loved by Our Frequent Flyers


Beth Jones NHS – JACIE Project Manager
Stem Cell Service 
(North of England region)

I have recently been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. Following my diagnosis everything was dark.  Mind Flight has enabled me to cope with my diagnosis and physical disability and to enjoy my life. It has been my lifeline over the past few months. I have especially enjoyed the giggles and laughter. 

Bethan Edwards - Accountant

I feel Mind Flight has changed my life, and given me a new lease of life. Before, I felt like the world was heavy on my shoulders and that I wasn’t fully enjoying myself, always putting others first and not paying much attention to my needs and feelings. 

But now I am so grateful to have Mind Flight as part of my life. With Lisa’s words of wisdom and the powerful meditation, life is good.  I’m enjoying life and embracing whatever comes my way.

They’ve made me so aware that the more positive and strong I am, the more positive things come to me. I can honestly say that now I’m really enjoying life and grateful for what I have got, rather than dwelling on what I haven’t got. It’s made me open my eyes to the wider world - I’ve even had a holiday of a life time to India! 

The amazing thing during the sessions is that Lisa’s explanation of things makes everything make more sense. Doesn’t matter how big or small my problems are, she will always have an explanation, and a way of looking at things differently. Then to finish with a tailored meditation, which feels like you are flying. 

To think I said during one of our first sessions “I don’t do writing” - I have now written over 7 notebooks! And I still enjoy writing after meditation – both work amazingly together.  These days I’m excited about life and can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

Making the most of the here and now has really helped me appreciate life - how precious it is. I am much more aware of the people that are important in my life, who energise me rather than drain me of my energy. 

I can’t express enough in words how much my life has changed and it’s all down to Mind Flight – You are Amazing!


Nigel Keng – Banker

I met Lisa around 11 years ago and she told me about Mind Flight. At first I thought it's not for me as I wasn't into meditation or "anything like that".

However, I'm open minded and was willing to give it a try. Nowadays mindfulness is mainstream - showing how far ahead of her time Lisa was. Every big corporate is offering it to their employees.

However, Lisa's Mind Flights go one step further than mindfulness in being specific to what you want to achieve and giving you the clarity of thought to achieve it.

For anyone that's done mindfulness this is a natural progression. For anyone who's considering mindfulness I'd say cut out the middle step and go straight to this for something more effective

Dr Camilla Ellis

The message that the Mind Flight team are giving everyone is one that needs to be heard. They come from a place of giving and truth and it is everything of a gift. 

The power of the mind is underestimated and their amazing technique brings that to fruition.

If you follow this path not only will you be in a position to walk through life with greater ease, you will get everything you could wish for in learning to heal yourself through your own mind. 



Felicity Brooks – Farmer (MS Sufferer) 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Mind Flight classes since starting a year ago. I have found the focused meditations brilliant to keep me grounded when life gets stressful.

I feel less anxious with the skills I have learnt through meditation and can draw on these skills at any time if the need arises.

The Mind Flight team are kind and thoughtful, and do an amazing job.

Felicity xx

Tom Swanson -
Business Consultant

The Mind Flight Method connects you with the core of your being – it clears confusion and frees you to be your true expressive self – the impact is life changing.



Vivian Gueye – Life Coach

I feel so blessed to be finding myself in places of peace and amongst such inspirational people. The ‘Mind Flight’ session with Lisa and Seto (with the support of their mindful cameraman) must rank in the top 10 of my personal
life-enhancing moments.

I was amazed at the fact that the ‘meditation’ took 40 minutes - because it felt more like 10 minutes.

The Mind Flight teams enthusiasm is infectious and the whole approach is measured and shows the humility that they bring to this important task.

I admire the courageous way the have chosen to share this with others.

Being guided and ‘trained’ to focus the breath so as to access so much more that lies beyond our known senses, opens opportunities to reach the individual’s full capacity; a chance to soar beyond our wildest dreams – releasing our potential! Truly bringing together mind, body and spirit.

I shifted somewhat in my perception of who I am, and the way I relate to everyone and everything around me. It is so important for each of us to take responsibility for our own transformation and to be the change we want to see in humanity. Not forgetting the planet, of course.

Tracey Carter – CEO

I have been practicing the Mind meditation for 1 year now. It’s the simplest, most potent technique to achieve personal mastery.

I now understand the word true potential in its essence. I have found that I am now laser sharp at finding solutions in all areas of my life. I always believed that we were all capable of so much more but all the other tools seemed so complicated.

From a business perspective, it has been awesome. The concepts and ideas we come up with after a Mind Flight are so great that sometimes by business partner and I are speechless at our creations.

I have always studied the great innovators of our time and many do some kind of mindfulness practice. I am so glad that this is now available to all.

My mother is 71 and she has transformed since she has been participating in Mind Flight. She has a new spring in her step and feels like she is ready to take on the world. I am in shock sometimes at her new lease for life.

I would recommend anyone to give it a go for health, career, wealth, grounding, peace of mind. My family and friends have had astounding results.

All I can say is “Find your mind with Mind Flight and come to your senses”



Lynne Scott - Interior Designer 

Guys what can I tell you but a Big Thank You for sharing this phenomenal knowledge! I find that I don’t worry so much, feel peaceful almost bliss-like instead of worrying.

I “Mind Flight” and watch things manifest right in front of my eyes. The Chaos is out of my head.

When I don’t “Mind Flight” (for various excuses, may it be ‘I’ll do it later, tomorrow” or just sheer laziness) my life becomes chaotic, I feel lazy and unwell and lose all focus and I know this is all caused by me not instructing my mind.

 am now left hungry to “Mind Flight” and if I don’t practice one day I ENSURE I do it the next. Again, thank you both so much. Looking forward to learning more.

Debbie Dixon – Social Worker 

My experience of Mind Flight has been AWESOME!

My life has always been a series of short film clips; short disconnected and non-sequential.

Jumping or falling in and out of sync with the rest of the world which left me feeling disorientated and a bit of a freak.

Being one for trying new concepts, even if sometimes tinged with doubt, I have been searching for ways to use my mind effectively.

 have had so many types of therapy to address this issue but these only partially solved things.

I now feel like Captain Kirk on the Starship Enterprise. In charge of my universe and using at least part of the wonderful mind.

Thank you so very much for helping my mind to soar above conventionality, aim high and be whole.



Katrina Annward  - Actress

Mind Flight revealed to me simple truths, simple and yet uncommon enough for me to have never thought of or be taught these truths my entire life.

If open to change I believe Mind Flight has the power to rewire the kinks that debilitate our path to happiness.

Matthew Ogbourn – Sports Journalist 

It is very easy to turn your nose up at anything that is out of the ordinary and, especially in this frenetic day and age, something that takes time.

However, I believe that Mind Flight sessions that I have participated in have helped me to see beyond the hectic world and deep within myself.

The simple acts of slowing down and breathing correctly, as taught by Lisa and Seto, form a wonderful foundation for growth which they build upon with you as time goes on to boost your mental and physical state.

If you are sceptical, give them an hour or so with an open mind to show you how it can improve your life. You will be surprised at the journey that starts with that first session.

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