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20 Years of Experience

 Mind Flight is the quick fix. We have done the hard work for you, we have taken meditation practice and worked it into a quick fix toolkit for life. You will never have to use another meditation app again after doing this course.


Meet The Crew

Captain Dennis

Captain Dennis trained in clinical hypnosis graduating in 2006.  


In 2009 he began a new journey with Scarlet when they came together and founded Mind Flight – a positive mental wellbeing teaching to empower and elevate adults. 


He has used his clinical training combined with the Mind Flight method to create life-changing meditative recording. 


With his capacity to appreciate the teachings in Mind Flight combined with that understanding of a formally recognised process, he is able to bring a balance unifying both dimensions.




Flight Attendant Scarlet

In 2001 she suffered extreme ill health, which left her unable to walk for two years. On the brink of severe depression, she met the man who saved her life.

She spent the next 10 years studying his method whilst making the documentary Mind Over Science. It was during this process that she decided the only important thing in life was to help others reach their full potential.


Her motivation: "When you have experienced something that you know will ease people's suffering, how can you not share it. Your mental wellbeing at the time of any challenge or adversity either makes you or breaks you. 


I believe in giving adults and children a positive wellbeing toolkit for life, so whatever challenge is thrown upon them, they emerge even more mighty and even more magnificent. No one should have to suffer."


Meet the crew
In Flight Entertainment

Our In-Flight Entertainment 

Our In-Flight Entertainment will ensure that you have the most informative, inspiring, and peaceful journey while keeping you focused on your ultimate objective of creating a positive change. 


The Mind Flight crew will be providing the Mind Flight book chapters as part of your in-flight entertainment training. You will learn how to Breathe, Meditate, master being comfortable in an uncomfortable situation and learn how to use your mind and emotions to enhance your life.


The Mighty Minds book and six week animated online course for children 6 – 8 years of age are available to purchase for children who need a little extra entertaining during your flight to enable you to experience the most peaceful journey possible.

The Mighty Minds online course provides a preventative toolkit to enhance your child's mental wellbeing - building resilience, self-esteem, the importance of diversity and inclusion, teamwork, and meditation.

An extra special bonus is that it aligns with the 2020 PSHE educational requirements. The aim to build resilience and mental strength through sport, story, and education.


Please let us know when booking if you would like to purchase this service for your child (50% off for all purchases made in January).

This course was piloted at Liverpool FC Foundation with excellent results. If your child is a sports fan, then here is a chance to experience a Mighty Magical Adventure.

Flying Destinations

Our Flying Destinations

Our flights will transport you to the snow-capped mountains of the north where you will experience the highest peaks, the most turbulent seas, the darkest nights, the brightest days, the most tranquil flowing rivers, the rushing waterfalls,
the solitude of sunrise, and the silence of sunset.

Soar with us above the clouds and see your world
and the world around you from a third party perspective, gain clarity and make the change.

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