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Welcome Aboard
Mind Flight!

Learn to CALM your MIND and

Book your flight of the mind today and join us on a positive wellbeing adventure through film, story  meditation and nature. 

At Mind Flight we like to keep it SIMPLE

The Finest Flight Experience

A flight of the mind, a meditative journey where you will go beyond expectations and realise how AMAZING you really are – Empowering, Elevating and Enabling your dreams.

Soar with us above the clouds and see your world and the world around you from a third party perspective, gain clarity and make the change.

Eliminate Anxiety. Delete Depression.

Understanding ourselves is not an alternative it’s vital for a happy healthy life.

A Unique Adventure

Understand your nature, align with nature so that you flourish and nature flourishes.

 Join us on a series of positive mental wellbeing courses taught through the power of meditation, nature, film and flight - we can guarantee one thing it will be fun and you will have a fantastic story to tell at the end.

Loved by
Our Frequent Flyers

Mind Flight has enabled me to cope with my diagnosis and physical disability and to enjoy the final years of my life. It has been my lifeline over the past few months. I have especially enjoyed the giggles and laughter and the practice has helped me stay calm, focused and happy.

Beth – NHS – JACIE Head of Stem Cell (North of England)

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